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Whether you are young with healthy fertility, over 40 and having trouble with conception, or anywhere in between,  you need
Getting Pregnant: What You Need To Know Right Now !
The international best selling book on fertility & pregnancy
that has been helping thousands of couples get pregnant
for over 20 years!

  Getting Pregnant:
Conception is Easier
Than You Think!

A world class best selling book on  conception, Getting Pregnant: What You Need To Know Right Now not only addresses the needs of those having problems with conception, but serves as the ultimate guide for anyone planning to get pregnant, now or in the future.

Addressing the newest, state-of-the-art medical treatments for fertility,
Getting Pregnant:What You May Need Right Now gives you all the latest news on:

    * The fastest, easiest ways to a safe natural conception.

    How your weight affects conception.

    * 7 Super Fertility Threats & How To Avoid Them.

* Ovulation: What You Must Know

    * Six new ways to avoid miscarriage

    * The New Fertility Diet

    * The New Pre Conception Exam

    * Eight brand-new fertility drugs

    * Donor eggs and donor sperm

    * A new 15-minute in-office surgery that can double conception odds

In Getting Pregnant: What You Need To Know Right Now
you'll also find:

    * The latest medical treatments to help you with conception.

    * How to boost your chance of a successful IVF, GIFT or ICSI

    * The truth about male fertility - what you and your partner must know

    * The exercises that can encourage ovulation and conception - and the ones
             you should never do

    * The Vitamins and Nutrients that can encourage conception.

    * Foods that can increase your fertility - including the revolutionary
       Fertility Diet that has helped thousands of women get pregnant faster
       and easier.

    * All new natural fertility boosters - find out what science says really works

    * New ways to pre-determine and choose the sex of  your baby

    * The environmental concerns that can reduce your fertility - and what to do to reverse
        their effects and get pregnant fast!

    * Special advice for conceiving after age 35

    * PLUS : A 6 Month Personal Pregnancy Planner that address ALL of your
       pre conception    health, lifestyle and medical needs

Getting Pregnant: What You Need To Know Right Now!
      is the ultimate guide to  conception, fertility, and so much more !

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