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Can Acupuncture Help
Enhance Your Fertility?
How to tell!
As good as it sounds, acupuncture is clearly not the panacea for all fertility problems. As Dillard tells WebMD, in instances where a structural defect exists -- such as a blocked fallopian tube or a fibroid tumor -- acupuncture won't help you get pregnant.

Likewise, once past a certain age, no amount of tickling your Qi is going to increase necessary hormones that have long gone out of production.

For this reason, many doctors recommend that you have at least a basic fertility workup before attempting acupuncture treatment, particularly if you are approaching, or you are over, the age of 40.

"If it turns out you have structural problem that requires a traditional medical 'fix', then the sooner you find that out and get the proper treatment, the more likely it will be that you can get pregnant," says Dillard.

At the same time Chang tells WebMD that younger women -- those in their early to mid-30s -- might want to consider acupuncture first, before investing in expensive and invasive fertility treatments.

"Sometimes a few months of acupuncture will be enough to help you get pregnant on your own," he says.

If, in fact, you do seek acupuncture treatment be aware that not all protocols are equal.

"There is tremendous variability within the field -- with many different techniques and a great deal of the success dependant upon how much the acupuncturist knows about the treatment of infertility," says Okoronkwo.

Costs can also vary dramatically, ranging from several hundred dollars to $1,000 or more, depending on how long you are treated, and who is doing the treatment. And while many insurance companies cover the cost of acupuncture treatments, some don't when treatment involves infertility, so check your policy carefully.

6 Tips When Seeking Acupuncture for Infertility

With that said, to help you hone in on the expert that
can rock your Qi in the direction of motherhood, our experts
offer the following tips:

Look for a doctor that is adequately trained and licensed in
acupuncture, as well as has a background in treating
infertility. An MD who simply practices acupuncture once
in a while often has just several hundred hours experience,
compared to several thousand hours of training and practice
required for a traditional Chinese doctor.

Look for an acupuncturist associated with a major academic
medical center.

If you are undergoing fertility treatments with a reproductive
endocrinologist, make certain that your doctor has a working
relationship with your acupuncturist, and that they work in harmony
to establish a treatment regimen.

If you are not seeing a fertility specialist, do pay at least one visit to
an obstetrician before seeking the help of an acupuncturist -- and make
sure your obstetrician is aware of your acupuncture treatment plan.

Although acupuncture often works in harmony with Chinese
herbal medicine, if you are undergoing IVF or any traditional
fertility treatment, don't take any herbs without the OK
of your reproductive medicine specialist.

If you are undergoing an IVF protocol and acupuncture simultaneously,
once you reach the implantation stage it's imperative to get a
pregnancy test before proceeding with more acupuncture treatments.
If you are trying to get pregnant on your own it is equally important to
have your pregnancy verified by an obstetrician as soon as possible.
Some of the same points used to stimulate the uterus and increase
fertility may also cause a miscarriage -- so your acupuncturist needs
to know if you are, or could be pregnant.

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