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Ancient Chinese Birth Calendar
For thousands of years couples have been using the Chinese Birth Calender to help determine the sex of their unborn baby.   Available for view at the Institute of Science in Beijing, China, the Chinese birth calender is said to be 99% accurate.   Although we can't vouch for the accuracy rating, or promise that the gender selection calender will work for you, we can say that many couples have reported great success in choosing whether or not they will conceive a boy or girl.

To use the Chinese Birth Calendar to predict the gender of your baby :   Locate the age the mother will be when she gives birth in the left hand column,  and month when the child was conceived.  Match up the square and it will determine the gender of your baby. 

You can also click here to find a chart that helps choose the sex of your baby before you conceive!

Chinese Birth  Calender : Chinese Fertility Calendar
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