Fertility Diet: What To Eat To Get Pregnant Fast: Ovulation: Increase fertility: Get Pregnant Naturally!
What foods affect fertility?
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Feed Your  Fertilty Diet Quiz
Fertility diet secrets
Fertility Diet: What Foods Affect Fertility ?
Could Your Diet Be Keeping You From
Getting Pregnant?
Take this fun quiz from
The New Fertility Diet Guide and find out!

For some couples, getting pregnant is quick and easy.  For others, things don’t  exactly go as planned.

Sometimes, the difficulty is linked to specific physiological issues that require medical treatment.  But  according to the newly published book, The New Fertility Diet Guide, (Ivy League Press, NY, Oct, 2009) by best selling authors Niels Lauersen, MD and Colette Bouchez,  many  couples struggling to get pregnant require only small changes in diet and lifestyle to turn  their conception odds around. 

"Fortunately, for most couples having difficulties getting pregnant, there are no serious medical problems standing in the way, but instead small, even sub-clinical factors  in both partners that come together to make  conception harder than it has to be, “ says co-author  Dr. Lauersen, who  is also the medical director of  GettingPregnantNow.org.

Indeed, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine reports that for the overwhelming majority of couples who visit fertility clinics, the diagnosis is “unexplained infertility”, which experts  define as  “ a constellation”  of small factors in both partners that work to block fertility.

And now,  The New Fertility Diet asserts there may be way to “unblock” those factors  - and the answer may be as close as your dinner plate.

"There is some incredible evidence – solid medical studies – showing that by eating certain foods, combining certain foods, and avoiding other foods, every couple can use this fertility diet to get pregnant faster and easier,” says Lauersen.

Indeed, the new book is based on a fertility diet Lauersen says he  created for thousands of his own patients – couples who, he says   over the years became  living proof that “feeding your fertility” really works!

" I've got a wall filled with  hundreds of pictures of  miracle babies,  many of whom came into this world because their mom and dad  believed in the power of nutrition to put them on the road to parenthood,” says Lauersen.

While The New Fertility Diet Guide details that eating plan – along with the latest research on how food effects fertility – based on some of that information Lauersen and Bouchez created this quick quiz to test your fertility food smarts.   So sharpen up those # 2 pencils  and get ready to discover some surprising fertility food secrets!  The answers are at the bottom of the next  page – but no cheating!

Click here to take the quiz!