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Fertility Diet Guide: Food Secrets To Help You Get Pregnant Fast
An excerpt from
The New Fertility Diet Guide
by Dr.Niels Lauersen & Colette Bouchez
(IvyLeaguePress, NY 2009)
Getting pregnant, and building a family  is one of the most beautiful ways that a man and woman can express their love for each other – and bring unbounded joy into their lives.

In fact, while we often don't look at getting pregnant quite this way,  having a baby is really what “boy meets girl” is all about!  It's why we are attracted to our mate to begin with, and it's how and why  that attraction stirs not only our emotions, but also our physical desires.

And, in  fact, some  of that  same special magic  that drew you and your life partner together, is  part of the fertility chemistry that will eventually draw his sperm to your egg!   And when they meet … wow, that's when the real fertility magic happens:  A baby is created!
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Now imagine if there was a way to make that fertility magic happen even quicker and easier ...and help ensure that all your sweet baby dreams come true even sooner than you thought?

Well I am here to tell you that there is a way – and it's as close as your dinner plate!

I'm talking about fertilty and  the enormous role we now now that food - and specifically certain foods - can play in not only increasing your fertility, but in helping you get pregnant faster and easier. In fact research now shows that some of these same foods that boost fertlity may even help ensure you give birth to a healthier and smarter baby!

And when you think about it, the very idea that diet can impact fertility is right in line with what we're been discovering about the powerful role that nutrition can play in helping us overcome and even prevent many health threats. We now know for example, that there are clear and direct connections between the foods that we eat and the prevention and even the treatment of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and even some types of cancer.

The very latest research shows that there may even be links between diet and auto-immune diseases most likely to impactwomen, such as multiple sclerosis, lupus and fibromyalgia.

Having grown up and received my medical training in Denmark

and other European countries –where diet has long played a key
role in health care - I can't say I am completely surprised by the new
findings. But I can say that I am excited and proud beyond belief
that so many of these new studies back and support the very same
nutritional secrets that I have used to help thousands of my patients
get pregnant faster and easier – even those patients who were older,
or whose reproductive status was less than optimal.

Indeed, throughout the years my patients continued to prove over
and over that not only can diet play a key role in getting pregnant,
but more importantly , key nutrients found in certain foods can help
overcome even difficult fertility odds.  In fact, studies show that following
certian dietary guidelines can absolutely increase the success of most
fertility treatments - including IVF!

Equally important is the concept of "food synergy". This is the
science of how foods work together to achieve specific results.
Although it's now one of the hottest trends in nutrition, I
discovered long ago the power of "food synergy" to multiply many
times over the power of individual nutrients to enhance fertility.

And in this book I will not only teach you about food synergy, but
also fill you in on all the powerful fertility diet secrets that I have
seen - and research has shown - can make a huge difference in your
ability to get pregnant.
The Secrets To Getting Pregnant Fast!
Fertility diet secrets
Excerpted from  " The New Fertility Diet Guide"
by Niels H. Lauersen, MD & Colette Bouchez.
Fertility Diet Guide: The Foods That Increase Fertility  & Boost IVF Success! !
fertility diet guide
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