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fertility gemstones

Can the energy and power of certain gemstones increase your fertility ...and help you get pregnant faster?

Here's a closer look at fertility jewelry
and how it just might give you the
extra "magic" you need
to get pregnant fast!

By Colette Bouchez
Can fertility jewelry really help you get pregnant? Find out !
If you’re trying to get pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant, or even wondering if you can get pregnant, you have no doubt heard about fertility jewelry -  part of the growing trend of using natural earth elements - such as natural gemstones -  to help encourage conception.

The idea here is that natural gemstones contain an abundance of not only minerals, but also a type of natural energy that comes from those minerals and other elements of the earth.  The “science” behind the use of “gemstone” therapy stems less from any “magical” qualities they may possess than from the ability of certain natural elements to impact our body chemistry in certain specific ways.

One way to think of it is like taking a vitamin and mineral supplement.  Not everyone needs them and not everyone benefits from them. But certainly there is a growing body of evidence to show that under certain circumstances they can certainly help.

Natural gemstones used in fertility jewelry are believed to work much the same way, helping to “tone up” your body and maximize your reproductive health, thus setting the stage for conception.

A second school of thought focuses on the links between certain natural gemstones and crystals and the seven “chakras” or energy points in the body.  Many believe that the stresses of  modern day living - including stressing out over trying to get pregnant - can cause these energy points to work less efficiently, ultimately affecting your overall health in myriad ways.

Certain gems and crystals are believed to have the ability to replenish and refocus these energy chakras to stimulate healing and promote optimum health well being - including fertility.

Still one more school of thought tells us that using a piece of jewelry like an amulet, to focus your positive energies may help you to remain more confidant about getting pregnant. This in turn can reduce your stress and that may actually have a some physiologic benefits on your fertility.

While you can certainly use any stone or piece of jewelry to focus these positive attentions,  why not give those positive thoughts an extra boost by choosing pieces designed with stones that may have a little extra magic - or science - to help you conceive!

Certainly, if you have a specific reproductive problem interfering with your ability to get pregnant - such as endometriosis or an ovulation dysfunction, wearing a gemstone is never going to overcome your problems and help you conceive. 

But, together with any medical help you receive, or particularly if your infertility is “unexplained” with no specific problems doctors can point to, then wearing fertility-related gemstone jewelry might be worth a try.

Moreover, if you are young and healthy, but simply want to give your fertility a boost, you may also want to give fertility jewelry a try! 

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