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        The Fertility Test
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                            Whether  actively trying to get pregnant - or just
                         if  it’s possible - many women and men turn to fertility
                        tests, including an ovulation test, as a way of determining
                         how quickly or easily you can conceive.

                            For those having difficulty getting pregnant, a fertility test becomes an important step in determining if there is a medical problem standing in the way of pregnancy - and helps hone in what that problem might be. 

For women, the most common fertility test includes an ovulation test to verify that you are making and releasing eggs) and a test to see if  cervical mucous is being made in the right amount and in the right consistency to transport sperm through to your egg.

For men, the most common fertility tests include a sperm count, and a sperm motility test.  In the first instance you are seeking to identify if there are enough sperm available to fertlitize an egg; in the second test you are checking to make sure that the sperm which are being made can swim quickly and easily enough to reach the egg during it’s most fertile time.

While some of these tests do require your doctor’s help - and if you have been trying to conceive for a year , you should consider professional testing.  You can read more about that in “Getting Pregnant: What You Need To Know Now.

But if you are just beginning your conception journey - or if you’re even wondering if you can get pregnant, then there are variety of home fertility monitor tests that can help.

In fact, some can even help you detertmine your most fertile time - and help increase your  chances of getting pregnant.

At -Home Fertility Tests For Women

One of the first and most important ways to ascess your fertility is to find out if you are ovulating - and if your doing so on a fairly regular basis.

One of the easiest and most obvious ways is to simply pay attention to your menstrual cycle.  If it arrives  “like clockwork” -  in approximately the same number of days every month, then chances are good that you are ovulating on a regular basis.

One common ovulation myth is that in order for things to be considered “normal” you must get a period every 28 days.  While for many women, a  28 day menstrual cycle is what occurs,  it’s important to remember that “normal"  can range anywhere  from every 26 days to every 35 days.  The key you are looking for is “consistency” -  a cycle that arrives in approximately the name number of days every month.

Indeed, a continually  irregular menstrual cycle is the first sign that you may not be ovulating on a regular basis. If this is the case, then helping to identify when you are making and releasing eggs is vital to encouraging a quick and easy conception, and ensuring you get pregnant fast!

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