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Green Fertility
getting pregnant
How to Turn
Your Love Nest
Into A Fertility-Friendly Place!
Discover the simple, easy ways you can turn your home into a fertility-friendly love nest that have you getting pregnant in no time!
By Colette Bouchez

Although it's not always easy to avoid fertility-robbing chemical exposures while we are out and about in our world, experts say it can be somewhat easier to do so on
our own home turf.

Indeed, by making just a few small changes in our homes, and making a few simple product substitutions experts say we can dramatically reduce the kind of environmental exposures that  can keep you from getting pregnant. 

"The key is to just think 'natural' whenever possible - if you have a choice between pressed wood furniture and real wood, pick the real wood; if you can choose between chemically treated fabrics and natural fabrics, pick the natural; if you can choose between a non-toxic 'green' paint and a traditional chemically laden paint, choose the 'green' paint -  these are the kind of small choices that can add up to big differences for many couples trying to conceive, "says Lauersen.

To help get you started thinking in the right direction here  are  the Top Ten ways  to  "green" your nest and give your fertility a healthy boost!  Excerpted from the forthcoming book  "Getting Pregnant Quick and Easy :  Mother Nature's Secrets For Boosting Fertility At Every Age !"  by Niels H. Lauersen, MD ( Ivy League Press, August 2010).

The Top Ten Ways To Green Your Fertility Nest & Get Pregnant Faster!

1.Go Organic -  We often think of the term “organic” in relation to food. But what I’m referring to here is more of an organic lifestyle, in the sense of letting nature rule your environment whenever possible. This means seeking out home supplies like paints and home dec products that are organically based,  while opting for lawn care and garden products that are as close to natural as possible.  In fact, anything with which you are in constant close contact should, whenever possible, be as natural as possible. 

2.Decorate Naturally!   While I know it’s much less expensive to decorate your home or office with products made from “engineered wood”,  it’s important to note that most are manufactured using quite a toxic brew of chemicals  including arsenic and formaldehyde,  many of which can “off gas” for up to 7 years or more.  The more “fake wood” products in your home, the more contaminated your air will be - and the more chemical exposures you will have.   If you can stick to furniture made from natural wood - even if it means purchasing some items second hand.  In the long run they will be safer and healthier
for you and for your children.

3.Clean Naturally!
    Since a great many of the most toxic chemicals are found in cleaning products,  simply cutting down on the number of items you use can go a long way in reducing harmful exposures.   When possible choose all natural products for household chores, particularly those items you use daily, such as dishwashing detergents, degreasers or floor cleaners.  ( To check out our data base of safer home cleaning substitutes, click here.)

4.Go Green -  No, I don’t just mean buy environmentally safe products - although that’s a good idea too!  I mean GO GREEN, in terms of house plants!   Plants  are nature’s original air cleaners and they can make an enormous difference in the quality of the air inside your home or office.   By reducing the impact of chemical emissions and giving you more oxygen to breathe, placing plants in every room of your house is great way to naturally enhance your fertility and your health!

5.Go Stainless! 
When it’s time to buy those new pots and pans, skip the coated ones and opt for all natural stainless steel cookware. It’s not only a healthier way to cook your food,  it can dramatically reduce your exposure to at least one group of chemicals known to impact health and possibly fertility.

6.Dry Clean Less - And Air Everything Out!  Is your closet a toxic waste dump of chemicals?  It might be if your racks are loaded with dry cleaned clothing still in those plastic bags.  When possible have clothing hand laundered and not dry cleaned - and if that’s not possible, never put freshly cleaned clothing directly in your closet.   Always remove the plastic bags and if possible air out the clothes in a garage or on a porch for at least 30 minutes before putting them in your closet.  Because we’re so used to many of these odors we sometimes don’t even notice when the air in our bedroom is approaching a toxic level. 

7.Let The Sunshine In!
Winter fuel  bills are high, and summer air conditioning bills even higher - a fact that leads most of us to seal up our doors and windows so that nary a drop of outside air comes in. But the truth is studies show that indoor air pollution is a far greater health threat than anything you’ll breathe outdoors!   As such it’s important to regularly “air out “ your home and exchange stale air for fresh air whenever possible. Fresh air will also help dissipate any harmful chemicals that do accumulate from  household chemical use, and help reduce the risk of mold and mildew.

8.Clear The Decks …
and keep your sleeping area clear of electronic devices. That means don’t keep the cell phone charger right next to your bed - or fall asleep with your blue tooth headset on - no matter how important a call you’re expecting!  Your sleeping quarters should be free of all electronic clutter - which can not only help protect your fertility, but maybe even help you get a better night’s rest!

9.Speak up!  If your work environment is pretty much out of your control,  but you see or smell  or feel something you believe might be a threat to your health or your fertility, speak up!  Talk to co-workers and tell your boss - and if need be, contact your local office of  NIOSH - the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety. Here you will find  a wealth of information about workplace
safety regulations and your right to a clean and safe work environment.

10.Vitamins, Vitamins, Vitamins!    One of the best ways to counter the effects of any environmental assaults is to keep your body as healthy as possible. And that means not only eating healthy, nutritious meals, but also making sure you get a ready supply of vitamins and nutrients. Indeed, one of the ways to protect your body and your fertility from any type of toxic threat is to arm it with the “soliders” necessary to protect you! And those soliders include the antioxidant vitamins including  A, C, E, and B complex, as well as vitamin D.  

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your home clean and fertility friendly! 

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