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The Basal Body Temperature Test
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One of the easiest, if not least expensive ways to test your fertility is to use your  basal body temperature to not only help you know if you are ovulating, but also indicate the time in your cycle when you are most likely to get pregnant.

How Body Temperature Predicts Fertility

Each month your menstrual cycle is controlled by the production and release of two hormones - estrogen and progeterone.  Estrogen is your "cycle starter". During the first 14 days it helps your ovaries produce and then release an egg ( ovulation).

Once that occurs, the shell your egg leaves behind becomes a fully functioning mini-gland, the function of which is to produce progesterone, which is the dominating hormone for the second half of your cycle - usually another 14 days.

So how does all this impact your body temperature

When estrogen levels are high - before ovulation, and during the first part of your cycle - your body temperature is slightly sub-normal. Typically this is around 97 degrees to 97.6 degrees - but it can higher or lower. What you are looking for is consistency.

When progesterone levels are high - after ovulation, during the second part of your cycle - your body temperature is slightly elevated - usually 97.7 to 98 degrees. 

So, if you take your basal body temperature (BBT) beginning at the start of your cycle and at the same time  every day,  you should notice a change from low to high. If this occurs, there is a very good chance you have ovulated.   ( Watch the BBT Video - Click here!)

Be aware, however, the  changes in temperature are slight, so it's important that you use a good thermometer, and that you take your temperature the same time every day - before getting out of bed.  In Getting Pregnant: What You Need To Know Now you'll find more tips on how to get the most accurate reading, plus a chart where you can easily keep track of your daily tempeature readings.

Choosing A Basal Body Thermometer

A common fertility question is whether you really need a special "fertility" thermometer ( also known as a Basal Body Thermometer) to track your fertility. The answer is "yes".

The reason: A regular fever thermometer is generally not sensitive enough to pick up the minute changes in body temperature that correlate with your hormonal changes.  A basal thermometer can actually register changes as little as 1/10th of a point - which for some wome may be the only change they see in regard to cycle changes.

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Ovulation test; fertility monitor, basal body thermometer
Ovulation Test: How To Use Your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) to Test Your Fertility!
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