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Is Surrogacy For You?

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If You Are Considering Surrogacy
If you are considering surrogacy to make your own dreams of motherhood come true, I urge you to read this book;  if you are woman  who has considered being a surrogate, this book will guide you to make the right choice.  If you are a woman grappling with infertility - particularly if you are over age 40 - then this book can open your eyes to another option you may have never considered.
Do be aware, however, that surrogancy is not sanctioned in every state. In some states in the US surrogancy is outlawed, in other states it is allowed only among women who are blood relatives.  For more information and a state-by-state law guide visit: www.AllAbout <http://www.AllAbout> <>

To learn more about the surrogacy experience, including costs and medical information,  see the special Getting Pregnant Surrogacy Q&A found here.
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