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Find a top fertility treatment center in your area  -PLUS learn their pregnancy success rate and other important details - including direct email addresses - all before you even make an appointment!

                              It's the smart, logical, time -saving,
                   cost-saving way to choose a fertility specialist!

1. Select your state.
2. Select a name from the list of top providers in your area.
3. Clink on the link - and learn important basics about any center!
4. Optional:   Send an email direct to any clinic or center and get even more information.   Email information provided on each clinic page.

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Information provided on each fertility center will include:

                     *  Name and address of center
                     *  Contact Phone Number
                     *  Direct email address
                     *  Website Address
                     *  Physician in charge
                     *  IVF success rates
                     *  Percentage of patients treated with specific
                         reproductive  problems such as endometriosis,
                         male infertility, ovulation  dysfunction, etc.
                                             And so much more !

     It's the smart, logical, time -saving, cost-saving way
                                    to choose a fertility specialist!

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