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In addition to changes in estrogen and progesterone levels throughout your cycle, there are also a number of brain chemicals involved in ovulation.

One of them is known as LH - short for luteinizing hormone.  Produced in the pituatary, a tiny gland inside your brain,  it helps to trigger ovulation.

Indeed, as estrogen  begins to peak - indicating your egg is ripening and getting ready for release -it sends a message to the pituatary that the  time for ovulation is rapidly approaching. 

As LH surges, it causes your egg to pop from it's shell , where it now has about 24 hours to connect with sperm  and allow conception to occur.

Ovulation Predictor Kits  work by measuring levels of LH  in the urine.  Since levels soar just prior to ovulation,  a high level of LH in your urine can mean that ovulation is eminant.

To be certain to capture your most fertile time you should begin using your ovulation predictor kit  about 10 days into your cycle - or approximately 4 days prior to when you are expecting ovulation.  You should  continue testing daily until you get an indication that your  LH surge has occured - usually 24 to 36 hours prior to ovulation.

To Get Pregnant Fast: Begin making love every day starting when your LH surges and continue for at least 3 days.

Ovulation Predictor Kits & Pregnancy Over 40:
A Warning

If you are over 40 and using an ovulation predictor kit beware that sometimes hormonal changes related to perimenopause - and not ovulation - can also cause LH levels to soar.  

How to tell if it's ovulation ...or perimenopause?  After ovulation, LH levels drop sharply - and your test should indicate that.  If  your LH levels remain elevated for more than 48 hours during mid cycle, particularly if they remain elevated for 5 days or more, then talk to your doctor. You may be experiencing the first signs of perimenopause.

While this doesn't mean you won't be able to get pregnant - it does mean that an ovulation predictor kit is not likely to help you.  

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Clear blue easy ovulation predictor kits and fertility monitors
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